Environmental Sustainability

Sustainability has been part of how we do business ever since Kimberly-Clark was founded almost 150 years ago. Today we remain deeply committed to reducing the impact of our products and packaging on the environment to ensure we’re looking after our world for generations to come. For more information on our commitment to sustainability and progress towards Kimberly-Clark Australia’s sustainability goals, visit www.sustainability.kimberly-clark.com.au.

Responsible forestry & ethical sourcing

We are committed to reducing our impact on forests through ethical sourcing. We’re proud that 100% of the fibre used in our facial tissues is FSC® certified. FSC is a third party certification that is internationally recognised as the global ‘gold standard’ in forest certification by leading environmental groups including Greenpeace and WWF®. FSC certification means that we source the fibre to make our tissue products from forests that are environmentally responsible, economically viable and socially beneficial. We are also part of the WWF® Global Forest and Trade Network (GFTN), which promotes responsible forest management and trade to reduce the impacts of the pulp and paper sector and conserve the world’s valuable and threatened forests. GFTN works with more than 300 companies across the globe that are committed to ensuring a legal, responsible and sustainable forestry supply chain. This means that when you buy Kleenex® products you can be confident you are supporting sustainable forest management.

Emissions Reductions

At Millicent Mill, where we make our Kleenex® family of products, we have been working hard for a number of years to reduce the amount of energy consumed, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create energy efficiencies. As part of these efforts, we installed an innovative $33 million cogeneration facility which plays a critical role in making Millicent Mill more energy efficient and reducing carbon emissions. Millicent Mill has been recognised with a number of prestigious industry awards relating to this facility, including: • ABA100 Winner in both Innovation and Technology categories in The Australian Business Awards 2014, acknowledging our commitment to driving sustainable solutions. • Banksia Foundation Award – Environment Minister’s Award for a Cleaner Environment, recognising Millicent Mill for its contribution towards achieving the objective of a cleaner, healthier, environment and a more resilient sustainable Australia. This includes more than halving the site’s energy and carbon footprint over 5 years, assisted by the start-up of the cogeneration facility, which takes the mill largely off the electricity grid.

Recycling Packaging

As part of our product development, we continuously review our practices to ensure we are adopting the most sustainable packaging solutions. We design and specify our packaging in accordance with the principles of the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines which is endorsed by the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation. We also have a policy of buying recycled content for packaging where it is readily available. We are pleased that all Kleenex carton board packaging can be recycled kerbside in recycling collection bins. For our facial tissue products we recommend separating the window and sending it to REDcycle to ensure material recovery.

We are also proud to be a foundation partner of the REDcycle Program, which enables consumers to return their soft plastic packaging at drop-off points in key locations like supermarkets. The plastic packaging is sent to a manufacturer called Replas and turned into new products like outdoor park benches and playground equipment.

To find your nearest participating stores, go to the REDcycle store locator, here.

If you find it difficult to access a Coles or Woolworths store, or live in a regional area, then you can post your flexible plastic packaging to:

RED Group
38 Chelmsford Street
Williamstown North
VIC 3016

Made in Australia

We proudly make our Kleenex® Complete Clean toilet tissue right here in Australia* at our world-class manufacturing facility in Millicent, South Australia. This is where we also produce our Kleenex® boxed facial tissues and VIVA® paper towel. As the largest employer in the South East region of South Australia, the mill has been an integral part of the community for nearly 60 years, employing over 350 people and contributing to the local economy.

The Millicent Mill has received numerous awards over the years, including the 2014 Banksia Foundation’s Environment Minister’s Award for a Cleaner Environment. This award recognises our contribution towards achieving the objective of a cleaner, healthier, environment and a more resilient sustainable Australia. We won this award as we’ve significantly reduced our carbon emissions and have invested in a $33 million cogeneration facility that produces 100% of the mill’s steam and provides 92% of the mill’s electricity.

*Kleenex Flushable wipes are manufactured in the USA.