Health & Hygiene

Colds & Flu

When your nose is stuffy, throat is scratchy and head is achy, how can you tell whether you have a cold or the flu?
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Hay fever & Allergies

What are some of the common causes for itchy eyes, runny noses, sneezing, rashes and swelling?
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Good hygiene is the start to a healthier you. Find hygiene tips for you and your family whether you’re at home or on the go.
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How do you feel?

What time of year is a runny nose more common than an itchy nose? Take a look at the different seasons month-by-month and be one step ahead of the peak times for colds and flu versus hay fever and allergies.

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  • January

    • Brisbane’s peak pollen season begins

  • February

    • High pollen alert for Brisbane

  • Current Month

    • The air is mostly free from grass and tree pollens

  • April

    • The Cold and Flu season is almost here

  • May

    • High pollen alert for Darwin
    • Cold and Flu season begins

  • June

    • High pollen alert for Darwin

  • July

    • Pollen season begins in WA

  • August

    • Pollen season in WA
    • Peak for Cold and Flu season

  • September

    • Pollen season begins for Sydney

  • October

    • High pollen alert for Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne
    • Cold and flu season ends

  • November

    • High pollen alert for Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne

  • December

    • Brisbane’s peak pollen season begins

Colds & Flu
Hayfever & Allergies

Special Care Tissues

For colds, allergies or noses that just want extra care, enjoy the comforting touch of Kleenex Special Care Tissues.

Discover Aloe Vera, Eucalyptus and Lavender tissues. They are ultra soft, ultra thick and are perfect for when sniffles and sneezes make your nose feel extra sensitive.

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