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Good personal hygiene is essential to promoting good health. Hygiene habits such as washing your hands regularly and using a tissue to catch coughs and sneezes will help keep bacteria, viruses and illnesses at bay. Having good hygiene can also help you feel more confident. Good habits will keep you healthy.

Take a look at how you can enhance your overall health with some basic personal hygiene tips for you and your family below.

Hygiene tips for



  • 1 Be prepared When you’re out and about, running water may not always be readily available. A pack of disposable wet wipes can be handy to help get rid of germs immediately. 
  • 2 Sunshine Sunshine is great for a dose of Vitamin D, but did you know that the sun’s UV rays help to kill bacteria? Line dry your laundry to help them smell fresh and clean! 
  • 3 What’s in the air? Spritzing a mixture of vinegar and water in the air helps kills bacteria and viruses in your home. It’s a non-toxic, biodegradable disinfectant, great for cold and flu season. 
  • 4 Clean and replace Whether it’s your make-up brush, your toothbrush or even a loofah, it’s important to remember to wash and replace your hygiene products regularly (at least once every 3 months) as germs tend to build up on these items.

Your Family

  • 1 Tissues within reach Having tissues within reach of kids will encourage them to use them whenever needed, instead of wiping little hands and noses on their clothes!
  • 2 Hygiene for coughing and sneezing Encourage your child to cover their coughs and sneezes, and to blow their nose properly. Blow with both nostrils fully covered by an opened-out tissue and, if possible, with their mouth closed. 
  • 3 Out and about Put a Kleenex Pocket Pack in your child’s school bag. It’s also useful to have tissues in coat pockets and lunch boxes, but make sure to check for used tissues in these places regularly!
  • 4 Encourage good hygiene habits Encourage good behaviour with words of praise. Good personal hygiene habits learned at a young age can provide a whole lifetime of health benefits!


Sneezesafe is a fun respiratory hygiene education program.

It was specially developed in 2011 by Australian teachers for Australian schools with the support of Kleenex. So far, Sneezesafe has reached over 1,800 schools, teaching over 120,000 students, about coughs, colds, and the flu.

The program provides kids with good personal hygiene habits and helps prevent the spread of viruses.

  • 1 Catch It Always carry tissues and use them to catch your cough or sneeze.
  • 2 Bin It Germs can live for several hours on tissues. Teach your children to dispose of used tissues as soon as possible.
  • 3 Wash It  Hands can transfer germs to every surface we touch. Show children how to clean their hands as soon as they can, by washing with soap and water, or using Kleenex Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes to help kill the germs.
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