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Kleenex® Tissues and the Environment

Environmental Sustainability

Sustainability has been part of how we do business ever since Kimberly-Clark was founded over 140 years ago. Today we remain deeply committed to reducing the impact of our products on the environment. For more information on our commitment to sustainability and progress towards Kimberly-Clark Australia’s sustainability goals, visit www.sustainability.kimberly-clark.com.au.

Kleenex is committed to the ethical sourcing of the fiber that goes into our facial tissues and promotes the sustainable management of forests. This is why we have earned Forest Stewardship Council® certification: the highest possible independent standard for responsible forest management.

So, when you buy Kleenex Facial Tissues you can be confident that you are doing your bit to help the environment.


Forest Stewardship Council®

In 2011, our South Australian manufacturing site that makes Kleenex Facial Tissue in Australia earned Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) chain of custody certification as a result of our commitment to sourcing from responsibly managed forests.

FSC® is internationally recognised as the world’s most rigorous environmental and social standard for responsible forest management. It is also the only forest certification scheme endorsed by and considered the gold standard of forest certification by leading NGO’s like WWF®.

This certification means that we’ve been independently (third-party) audited, to ensure that all of our Australian manufactured tissues are sourced from responsibly managed forests and plantations.


Emissions Reductions

Emissions Reductions at Millicent Mill

At Millicent Mill we have been working hard for a number of years to reduce the amount of energy consumed, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create energy efficiencies.

As part of these efforts, we installed an innovative $33 million cogeneration facility which plays a critical role in making Millicent Mill more energy efficient and reducing carbon emissions. Millicent Mill has been recognised with a number of prestigious industry awards relating to this facility, including:

ABA100 Winner in both Innovation and Technology categories in The Australian Business Awards 2014, acknowledging our commitment to driving sustainable solutions.

Banksia Foundation Award – Environment Minister’s Award for a Cleaner Environment, recognising Millicent Mill for its contribution towards achieving the objective of a cleaner, healthier, environment and a more resilient sustainable Australia. This includes more than halving the site’s energy and carbon footprint over the past 5 years, assisted by the start-up of the cogeneration facility, which takes the mill largely off the electricity grid.

Kleenex Sustainable

Recycling Packaging

Kleenex also design and specify packaging in accordance with the principles of the Australian Packaging Covenant Packaging Guidelines and has a policy of buying recycled content for packaging where functionality allows.

All Kleenex carton board packaging can be recycled kerbside in recycling collection bins.

We are also proud to be a foundation partner of the REDcycle Program that provides a solution for the recycling of flexible film packaging. This is the first program of this type in Australia.

You can now physically take your Kleenex flexible plastic packaging into participating Coles and Woolworths stores, and place it in the REDcycle bins. Once full, the collected plastic wrapping is taken away to be recycled into outdoor furniture like seats, paving, and child play equipment.

To find your nearest participating stores, go to the REDcycle store locator, here.

If you find it difficult to access a Coles or Woolworths store, or live in a regional area, then you can post your flexible plastic packaging to:

RED Group
38 Chelmsford Street
Williamstown North
VIC 3016

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