Kleenex® Tissues To Go

For all of life’s laughter, tears, sneezes and spills, Kleenex To Go packs are the perfect size for everyday moments when you’re out and about.

Pocket Packs

Pocket Packs

It’s easy to take the ultra-soft and gentle touch of Kleenex Facial Tissues anywhere with our Pocket Packs. Slip them in your purse or bag for whenever you’re on the go.

Kleenex Pocket Packs are available in 3 different designs, individually or in 6 packs. Also available in 6 pack Aloe Vera Pocket Pack.

Slim Pocket Packs

Slim Pocket Packs

Take softness with you everywhere with our Slim Pocket Packs. They fit discreetly into your pocket or wallet so that there’s always a Kleenex within your reach.

Kleenex Slim Pocket Packs are available in convenient 6 packs with sleek and stylish designs, including natural denim and bold stripes.

Soft Pack

Soft Pack

A compact and flexible pack to fit into bags, prams and cars. Soft packs sit perfectly in small spaces, ready for use.

Top Tips for

On the Go

  • 1 Slip some Kleenex Pocket Pack tissues in your handbag or backpack for tissues on demand, when you’re at the shops or out and about. 
  • 2 Have tissues handy in the car. Whether it’s to tidy up your makeup or to wipe up an accidental spill, you never know when you might need one.
  • 3 Pack some To Go tissues in your child’s backpack. It will encourage them to use a tissue instead of their sleeve!
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