Welcome to Kleenex Tissues

We all want the best for our families. That’s why Kleenex is there for you every day with the gentle softness so many Australians know and love.

We know that every day can bring a jumble of sniffles, spills, and sticky fingers. Whether you’re at home or out and about, Kleenex tissues are always there for you and your kids with the gentle softness you need. We offer a wide variety of pack sizes and designs to suit your whole family, Special Care tissues to help soothe and relieve your sore red nose, and the perfect compact packs to tackle any spills or sniffles on-the-go.

The Kleenex Difference

Kleenex tissues brings you Silk Touch – a silkier, softer, smoother tissue. You really can feel the difference. Choose from a wide range of pack designs to suit any décor, so you can find a tissue box designed to match the bathroom, the kitchen and even the kids’ bedrooms.

When you and your family need some extra special care, Kleenex Aloe Vera tissues and Kleenex Eucalyptus tissues are enriched to help soothe and relieve your sore red nose.

Kleenex Pocket Packs are the perfect solution when you’re out and about. Slip one into your handbag or the kids’ schoolbags so they’re always on hand when you need them. Kleenex Tubes will slot easily into the cup holder of your car so you can be ready for any runny noses or dropped ice creams in the backseat, while Kleenex Anti-bacterial Wet Wipes are the ideal way to wipe the germs away and clean sticky hands and faces on the go.

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