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Understanding the what, why and when of hay fever is key, so here's the low-down

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Top Geelong Hay Fever Management Tips and Activities

Hay fever is no fun – from the runny nose and itchy eyes to headaches and fatigue, it can prevent and interrupt the best of plans. Check out our top Geelong hay fever management tips to ensure you can enjoy all that Geelong and its coastal surrounds has to offer, without the discomfort of hay fever.

Check the sniffle count (aka: the pollen count)

Our number one tip for managing hay fever is to check the pollen count on Pollen Pal in the morning and plan accordingly. Checking the pollen forecast helps you plan your day and find suitable activities – we recommend indoor activities on high pollen count days, such as a visit to the National Wool Museum, and making the most of low pollen count days with outdoor activities, like a picnic in Geelong Botanic Gardens or a hike in the You Yangs.

Be like Marry Poppins

Mary Poppin’s has everything she could ever need in her bag. Be prepared and pack your bag with a ‘hay fever battle pack’ – antihistamines, tissues, a mask and sunglasses. Want to be extra prepared? Throw in an indoor activity such as a book or a pack of cards so if allergies keep you indoors, you’re not without something to do. For a Mary Poppins style adventure, take a ride on The Carousel along Eastern Beach or enjoy high tea at Sandstone and Co in Grovedale.

Embrace the indoors

Avoiding the outdoors is an effective way to prevent hay fever symptoms. On an extreme or high pollen count day, opt for indoor activities – enjoy art at Geelong Gallery, see a theatre show at Geelong Arts Centre or grab a drink at Little Creatures Brewery. If you want to exercise while the pollen count is high, try an indoor sport – a trampoline workout at Bounce, rock climbing at The Rock Adventure Centre or indoor beach volleyball at Vic Beach Geelong.

Cover up

If the pollen count is high but you’re determined not to miss cheering for the Geelong Cats or walking the Barwon River, your best defence is to cover up. Wearing a mask will prevent pollen from entering your airways, and sunglasses will stop pollen getting in your eyes (which can cause itchy and puffy eyes). Want to level up your eye protection? Slap on a pair of wraparound sunglasses for ultimate hay fever protection. No longer just for dads in the 90s, wraparound sunnies are officially back in fashion.

Sniffly in the city? Take a trip to the coast

If your hay fever is flaring up, visiting the beach can relieve your symptoms. Coastal areas have less hay fever allergens as the sea breeze blows pollen away. There’s no shortage of brilliant beaches in the Geelong region – catch a wave in Torquay, take a dip in the clear water at Santa Casa Beach in Queenscliff, visit the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse or enjoy fish and chips at Barwon Heads (be sure to get a sweet potato cake from Barwon Heads Fish & Chips).

Swap your red nose for a shiny one

Health professionals and hay fever sufferers alike swear by dabbing a little Vaseline around your nostrils to trap pollen before it enters your airways. Strange? Yes. Successful? Also yes. A little shine isn’t noticeable and is much less irritating than a dripping nose. Once your pollen trap is in place, you can head out to some of Geelong’s best outdoor events – enjoy world-class lighting displays at White Night Geelong (October), see vintage cars at Geelong Revival Motoring Festival (Nov) or dance the day away at Queenscliff Music Festival (Nov).

Take it all off

Not in public of course! But if you struggle with hay fever, it’s important to minimise the time you spend covered in pollen – taking your clothes off and showering is a great way to remove pollen from your body and minimise your hay fever symptoms. As soon as you get home, whether from a walk along Eastern Beach or brunch on Pako, be sure to take your clothes off, put them in the wash, and shower. Getting changed in the bathroom helps minimise the spread of allergens as your extractor fan sucks up any loose pollen.

There are plenty of hay fever friendly activities and events in Geelong and surrounds. With some forward planning and creativity, you can enjoy all that Geelong has to offer no matter what the pollen forecast.

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