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What To Do in Hobart According to the Pollen Count – Hay Fever Friendly Activities

Would you like a resource that can keep you updated on pollen levels for where you are heading? That will tell you what activities you can do in your area according to the pollen levels?

Kleenex’s new Pollen Count tool can do this for you so you can plan ahead, ensuring you enjoy your day out, with as few symptoms as possible.

Checking weather conditions in advance can help you prepare, for instance if there will be winds that will increase pollen levels.

Extreme pollen levels

With Hobart’s cooler weather relative to the rest of Australia, Hobart is well equipped with indoor entertainment and activities.

On these days, it’s best to stay indoors, and where possible, drive or take a taxi to your destination. If you do decide to head out, to help prevent and assist with symptoms, carry some Kleenex tissues with you, your antihistamines, and wear protective gear such as sunglasses and a mask. When you get home, it will be ideal to shower after being outdoors to remove the pollen you pick up from outside and change your clothes.

The following are some suggestions to enjoy in Hobart on these high pollen days:

Visit a museum

Experience the progressive art exhibitions at Museum of Modern Art, (MONA) and enjoy dining at the wine bars and restaurants on site. At the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, learn about Aboriginal history and culture, among many other things.

Get cosy with some movies and order food in

If you do stay in, there are also things you can do to minimise indoor pollen, including keeping the windows shut, using an air conditioner or a HEPA air purifier to filter allergens. Some food venues you might like to think about ordering from include Billy’s Burgers and Bars, Japanese restaurant Ichimei, Australian cuisine at Hearth, Embers Bar and Grill and Royal Thai.

Moderate pollen levels

On these days, it can be worth venturing out if you can ensure you take the relevant gear such as your Kleenex tissues and antihistamines as a minimum. Suitable activities for such days include those where there are indoor venues you can head to, to get some reprieve.

Explore the historic waterfront and surrounds

This can be done by walking or on foot. Enjoy a breakfast or dinner cruise that you can easily take from Brooke Street Pier. There are several fish and chip and ice cream options to stop for, during your leisurely stroll enjoying the picturesque view of the harbour.

Salamanca Place

Every Saturday morning, it is bustling with market stalls so if you are visiting over a weekend, experience the vibrancy of this extremely popular tourist attraction, where you can browse handmade products and locally grown produce and foods. There are also many art galleries, cafes and restaurants along here.

Browse art and design markets and shops

Apart from the shops at Salamanca Place, in Huon Valley is Willie Smith’s Artisan and Produce Market, a small but well curated makers’ market inside the Willie Smith’s Apple Shed, where you can taste the organic apple ciders.

In city centre, Bidencopes Lane has many stylish stores where you can browse or buy one-off homewares, clothing, and jewellery by local Australian and bespoke international designers.

Also in the city centre Spotted Quoll Studio specialises in ethical and sustainable fashion.

Low pollen levels

MOFO festival

Take advantage of this mid Winter outdoor music and art festival where you can indulge in the freshest Tassie produce for a Winter feast, celebrating the winter solstice.

Festivals to enjoy during Winter when pollen levels are lower, include The Festival of Voices, a music festival, the Huon Valley Mid-Winter among apple orchards enjoying music, cider and bonfires. In August, the biennial Australia Antarctic Festival is held, as well as the Tassie Scallop Fiesta celebrating start of the scallop season. Also in August, Hobart’s Beaker Street Festival, takes place, all about science and art, with interesting events such as talks by scientists, thematic cruises and tours, live music and installations.

Go for a hike

Considered a bit of a hidden gem, take yourself on the gentle Hobart Rivulet walk, that takes you on a winding path from the city to the foot of Kunanyi, Mt Wellington, and only 2.7 kilometres.

Otherwise make the most of many other 60 short walks in and around the city. You could venture out to Bruny Island and enjoy one there.

Take a tour

Book a tour that will take you as close as 20 minutes from Hobart to Mt Kunanyi, where you can enjoy a scenic drive up to the summit to be treated with a panoramic view of the city. Otherwise take a tour as far as Maria Island, where you can take a cruise to this majestic island to see amazing wildlife, rugged coastal views. There is also of course Bruny Island known for its gourmet tastings of wine and cheese.

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