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What’s the pollen count in Newcastle today?

Planning some events but don’t want the pollen count to get in your way? Venture outdoors without worrying about hayfever and even schedule events in the future with our pollen forecast. It’s as simple as entering the postcode for your location to get all the information you need about pollen levels in your area.

Pollen Forecast for Newcastle

Let’s face it, the pollen in Newcastle can be thicker than the crowds on Bathers Way come Australia Day. Those irritants, primarily from grass and most troublesome from October to February (1) can really throw a spanner in the works when it comes to enjoying life. In Newy, don’t let the pollen levels stop you. No matter if you’re checking out the region’s last surviving patch of cool coastal rainforest in the Glenrock State Conservation Area or exploring the fantastic foodie scene, check Pollen Pal first. Don’t forget to tuck some Kleenex Hand & Face Wipes in your pocket and toss in some Aloe Vera Pocket Packs, too. They’re perfect on the go and will soothe your hayfever-sore nose. There, that’s better.

Pollen Hotspots in Newcastle

Newcastle’s many markets are meant to be enjoyed, but it sure can be difficult when the pollen count outnumbers the supporters at the Newcastle Knights NRL club. The many parks and nature reserves might not be the best place to go on high pollen level days, but there are ways to prepare yourself should you be keen on a day out in nature.

  • Wear sunnies to prevent watery eyes from pollen particles.
  • Wear a mask to screen out the pollen allergens in the air. Talk about breathing easier!
  • Dab petroleum jelly around your nose and lips. Pollen will be trapped there, and you won’t need to worry so much about ingesting it. (2)
  • When coming home, change out of clothing and put it in the washer. You don’t want to be bringing pollen into your living space.
  • That goes for the pets, too! Pollen can get trapped on their fur, so when coming back from exercise, a walk or just a ramble around the garden, brush them off to remove irritants.

Allergy-Friendly Activities

Newcastle is home to scenic vistas and beautiful blue beaches, but on high pollen count days, you’re in for a treat. There are so many options for activities that you’ll want to make a list and check them off so you don’t miss even one.

Step up your art appreciation game. Independent galleries here are varied and intriguing; don’t miss The Lock-Up, formerly a heritage-listed police station that now boasts award-winning contemporary events and installations. Support the local economy and get inside at the same time, because the boutique shopping in Newy is superlative. One of a kind must-haves tempt you, especially at Alie Jane Travel Accessories and Designs – one of the most cheerful stores we’ve come across. At Retro Couture Vintage Boutique, find your very own treasure from amongst the extensive offering of pre-loved designer fashion with a flair. Guaranteed to take your mind off the high pollen count, there is so much going on here! Escape reality (and the nasty outdoor irritants) with a thrilling afternoon solving puzzles and battling against time. Can you get out of the escape room in time? Feeling thirsty after all that work? Quench your thirst and clear the pollen from your throat with a tour of the FogHorn Brewhouse that includes a delicious tasting. When it’s time to dine, take your pick. The variety of restaurants will tickle your fancy, and the most difficult part will be choosing. Try Una Volta for consistently delicious meals and Antojitos for Mexican inspired street food. Pubs and hotels are plentiful so you can belly up to the bar for a bite and a beverage. The General Washington Hotel is tops for fish and chips, and Honeysuckle Social sits pretty on the harbour.

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