Kleenex® Everyday Soft Pack

A compact and flexible pack to fit into bags, prams and cars. Soft packs sit perfectly in small spaces, ready for use. 2-ply tissues.


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Take the softness of Kleenex on the Go
It’s easy to take the soft and gentle touch of Kleenex Facial Tissues anywhere with our Soft Pack. Slip them in your bag for whenever you’re on the go
2-Ply Thickness
Perfect for sniffles and sneezes, Kleenex Everyday tissues are made with 2-ply thickness.

Customer Reviews


February 22, 2024



August 04, 2023


Kleenex 250

Each tissue comes out with a shower of fluffy paper pulp ! I have taken out 10 . The quality is also very poor . It us very disappointing, i wont buy them again . I usually buy Kleenex large and strong , have never had a problem with them .


June 15, 2023



It's hard to see, but there is a small straight perforation just above the "Everyday" on the front. Just pull apart using your thumbs and it will open up.


April 20, 2023



April 04, 2023


Love the star wars tissue box!

I love the star wars design on these Kleenex tissues! My children got so excited when they saw it!


March 09, 2023


How do you open

I have spent 20 min trying to open this soft pack of Kleenex everyday 60 pack of tissues is there a secret way of opening or do you just slice the packet with a knife


January 01, 2023


Reinstate the slim pocket pack

This item is way too big and bulky for a regular handbag. If it was supposed to replace the ‘slim pocket pack’, it totally fails. The ‘slim pocket’ pack was unique and very well sized for handbags , even small ones, and trouser pockets as it was much flatter than the regular pocket tissues pack. Please Kleenex, re-instate this item!

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