Kleenex Aloe Vera & Vitamin E Pocket Pack Tissues

Care for your sniffles and sneezes anytime, anywhere with Kleenex® Aloe Vera Pocket Pack tissues. Small and convenient, these 4-ply tissues are perfect for when you’re on the go – just pop them in your purse or bag. Kleenex® is FSC® certified, ensuring responsible forest management.


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Softcoat® Lotion Technology
Carefully coated with natural Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to help soothe your skin.
Take the softness of Kleenex on the Go
It’s easy to take the soft and gentle touch of Kleenex Facial Tissues anywhere with our Pocket Packs. Slip them in your bag for whenever
4-Ply Thickness
Perfect for when sniffles and sneezes make your nose feel a little more sensitive, Kleenex Aloe Vera & Vitamin E Pocket Pack Tissues are made with 4-ply thickness.


FSC® Certified
FSC® Certified, ensuring responsible forest management, meeting the most rigorous environmental and social standard for responsible forest management.

Customer Reviews


July 04, 2023


Travel-friendly product

Never be caught without a tissue again. This product is a must-have for people like me who value convenience and softness. It's compact, easy to carry, and incredibly gentle on the skin.


May 29, 2023


Great for on the go

These are great for on the go, a must have for any parent as they're small, easy to keep on hand and you will never not need tissues when you have little ones around. I recommend every parent (and non parent ) have these on hand


May 27, 2023


Excellent tissues, handy for on the go

These are the best quality tissues on the market - strong, soft and soothing on skin. These handy portable packs are fantastic for on the go - I always make sure there is a packet in each of the kids' schoolbags, the car etc. All the quality of these tissues in a convenient pack.


April 29, 2023


Perfect size for travel

Perfect size for travelling and to have stashed in your bag. The tissues are soft and fabulous to use.


March 30, 2023


Perfect for handbag

Perfect to keep in handbag. Someone always needs a tissue when we are out. Love the aloe vera and silky feel. No more sore noses!


March 13, 2023



I use tissues frequently, so I love having pocket versions on me when I go out. Kleenex is my favourite brand and the only one I use as they don't irritate my nose or skin.


March 10, 2023


Good for travellers

I usually purchase pocket tissues for travelling. I personally prefer thinner plys, these are thicker and absorb a lot more and are decent size when opened up.


March 03, 2023


So soft- just what you need when you’re

These are so nice and soft which is great when you need to repeatedly blow and wipe your nose. The pack size is perfect for throwing in your bag so you don’t have loose tissues

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