Kleenex® Large & Thick

Kleenex® Large & Thick tissues offer 3-ply thickness and are almost 50% larger than Kleenex® standard tissues. Made in Australia, Kleenex® is FSC certified, ensuring responsible management.


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Almost 50% larger than Standard Kleenex® Tissues
Kleenex Large & Thick Tissues are almost 50% larger than Standard Kleenex® Tissues for everyday laughs, tears, sniffles and family moments.
3-Ply Thickness
With the balance of softness and strength, Kleenex® Large & Thick tissues are made with 3-ply thickness for sniffles and sneezes.


FSC® Certified
FSC® Certified, ensuring responsible forest management, meeting the most rigorous environmental and social standard for responsible forest management.
Made in Australia
Kleenex Facial Tissues are Aussie made and we're proud of it; they're made at our Millicent Mill in South Australia. This means support for local communities, including hundreds of local employees and their families, each year.

Customer Reviews

Jill Woody

March 19, 2024


Kleenex large and thick

These tissues are no longer thick, you have to double them over to use them otherwise your fingers go through the wet tissue. When I first bought them years ago they were the absolute best but you have ruined them and they are also more expensive because you have to fold them, most disappointed that they are not good any more


January 08, 2024



Please change the hard plastic on the opening side of the box as it RIPS as soon as one removes the perforated cover. The soft plastic on past boxes remains undamaged throughout use of the entire contents and holds the tissue in place thus preventing the need to dig into the box for the next tissue.


November 15, 2023


Not happy

I have cancer and use your tissue everyday I go through 10 box's a week The last 2 lots had tissue dust clumps which I can't have as 1 it makes me cough and 2 it's so messy I have been buying 40 box's a month for 2 years so I was so disappointed this happened


November 03, 2023


What happened to my favourite tissue?

We have been buying large and thick tissues forever but over the last few months the quality has gone downhill. Besides not being as strong and smooth as before, they shed tiny particles of paper around the box area which never happened before. Reluctantly we are trying other brands. Are you addressing these concerns?


September 08, 2023



The quality of the large and thick tissues has gone downhill. The layers fall apart and the strength of the tissue is very weak compared to how they used to be. Waste of money now. Quilton are stronger.


August 28, 2023


Large & Thick

Have been using these for years. Used to be the best. The quality has now changed. The leaves fall apart & tear while pulling them from the box. Very disappointing - obviously now being made cheaply. Won't be buying again.


August 08, 2023


Large & Thick Aloe Vera & Vitamin a

Screwed up in box. The plys come apart and the tissue falls into holes. Won't bother buying again.


June 15, 2023


Substandard product

Something has changed in in manufacturing process.the tissues fall apart and tear easily.they are now difficult to remove from box.what is going on.they used to be the top tissue.not anymore.

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