Kleenex® Eucalyptus

Care for your sniffles and sneezes with Kleenex® Eucalyptus Facial Tissues. The pure, fresh scent of eucalyptus helps clear your nose. Made in Australia. Kleenex® is FSC® certified, ensuring responsible forest management.


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Helps to Clear your Nose
The pure, fresh scent of eucalyptus helps clear your nose.
3-Ply Thickness
Perfect for when sniffles and sneezes make your nose feel a little more sensitive, Kleenex Eucalyptus tissues are made with 3-ply thickness.


FSC® Certified
FSC® Certified, ensuring responsible forest management, meeting the most rigorous environmental and social standard for responsible forest management.
Made in Australia
Kleenex Facial Tissues are Aussie made and we're proud of it; they're made at our Millicent Mill in South Australia. This means support for local communities, including hundreds of local employees and their families, each year.

Customer Reviews


October 16, 2023


Extremely Dissapointing possib Unethical Marketing

Affording Kleenex the benefit of doubt, I opened 3 out of my 6 newly purchased boxes of Eucalyptus tissues thinking there may have been a minor incidental fault with the first individual box of tissues. Eg older stock or mishap resulting in loss of the normally soothing Eucalyptus fragrance. Much to my dissapointment all 3 new boxes did not have any or minimal scent / fragrance only. Kleenex, as you can see from other reviews, most customers buy this product for its Eucalyptus fragrance and more importantly provides comfort and relief to customers that are unwell. The quality of your product is now causing distress and increased stress to your customers. Please let me know if Kleenex is going to resolve this or provide clarity so that customers can be clear about the product they are purchasing noting Kleenex Eucalyptus tissues cost more than tissues from other product lines. These tissues are expensive and is not of the same quality for what i have normally paid for. Thank you.


September 30, 2023


Changes to Kleenex Wellbeing Tissue packets.

Unlike Louise, I'm really fed up with the change to Kleenex packaging which is no longer user- friendly. I was brought up to re-recycle & re-purpose before it was the done thing, now using saved plastic bread tags to replace flimsy cardboard ones that work their way loose, leaving bread to either fall out or dry out. No matter how careful I was taking out the perforated section of the Kleenex tissue box, the flimsy paper tore & pulled away, so I've just 'recycled' the previous box to dispense the tissues. In my 60s, I consider life too precious to waste time on packaging not fit for purpose, supposedly on a quest to save the planet!


September 30, 2023


Eucalyptus tissues

What has happened to my favourite go to tissues? I Was always happy to pay more for these tissues as they were of high quality, the strong eucalyptus aroma was wonderful and if they accidentally got caught in the wash they'd stay together. Today with my cold l reached for a new box.....what a disappointment! Absolutely no eucalyptus smell at all, cheap nasty quality , what l expect from a $2 shop. Kleenex get your act together, trying to change your packaging to be more environmentally friendly is one thing but that's no excuse to compromise on the quality of your products. I'll be buying Cole's brand from now on. Not happy!


September 21, 2023


Kleenex Eucalyptus

I’ve bought 3 boxes but none of them has eucalyptus smell! So disappointed!


September 19, 2023


Congratulations 💓🙏😍

Thankyou for being mindful of supporting the environment when packaging your tissues. I usually have to remove the plastic slip inside the opening, but was Surprised 😍 to see you've replaced it with paper, so it is totally recyclable! 🙏💞 Thankyou for caring. Love your eucalyptus tissues 👃��


September 12, 2023


Kleenex Wellbeing Eucalyptus 3-PLY Tissues

Kleenex fix this mistake. Pls immediately revert to your previous manufacturing and size of the tissues in the 95 pack. The tissue is so small, no longer soft and there is absolutely no eucalyptus aroma. These and the aloe vera have both been the best tissues in the market. Fix this or you will lose many customers going by the few reviews I have just read.


September 08, 2023


Not happy

Normally I love your eucalyptus tissues but unfortunately this time around the tissues weren’t cut properly so when I take one tissue, three are attached to it and because it isn’t cut through properly the tissues rips.


September 07, 2023


What's happening?

I have used these tissues (and recommended them to everyone) for years and years and years. They are now like the cheap tissues from a $2 shop that I can't stand. What is happening???????? Please do not skimp on quality - you will lose everyone who loves these. As a person who is constantly suffering from hayfever, allergies, I need them back to how they were. About to find another brand, just saying.

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