Kleenex® Anti-Bacterial Wipes

Feel fresh and clean when you’re on the go with Kleenex® Anti-Bacterial Wipes. Small and convenient, and with an effective anti-bacterial solution which kills 99.9% of germs, they are perfect for use both before and after eating for a gentle yet hygienic clean. Safe for children.


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Kills 99.9% of germs
An effective anti-bacterial solution for cleansing on the go.
With Tea Tree Extract and Natural Aloe Vera
Perfect for wiping hands and faces.
Safe for Children
Safe for little hands and faces too!
Resealable pack
Keep your wipes fresh ‘till the last one with our Moisture Lock seal

Customer Reviews


March 15, 2024



January 18, 2024



September 11, 2023


Kleenex anti-bacterial wipes

These are a great size to have in a bag to have on hand, the don't dry out, perfect for hands or surfaces


August 21, 2023


Handy size

Good hand bag size to be able to always keep handy … wiping trolley handles , tables , or any other hard surfaces when needed


April 12, 2023



Product does as described, however the seal loses its stick after little time and the wipes dry out (it’s occurred on more than one occasion of purchasing this exact product). Aside from poor packaging, the wipes themselves are great at cutting through grime and leave sticky little hands feeling clean and fresh. The convenient size of the packet also makes for easy travel.

April 11, 2023



I love these there a must in my house and my car and handbag lol


March 29, 2023


I wish there were more in the packet

I use antibacterial wipes all the time, and I like this Kleenex wipes because they are very moist, the packet is resealable and they are thick and durable. I just wish there were more than 40 in the packet! Because they are quite a small packet, with only 40 wipes in them, I use these Kleenex wipes as my "car wipes." I keep them in my car for sanitising my hands, my steering wheel and our car door handles to get rid of 99.9% of germs that contaminate our hands when we are out and about.


March 23, 2023


Amazing product

Amazing product, smells amazing and it cleans super well, I prefer to use these to wipe over my benches rather than spray and wipe I feel like it keeps the benches cleaner for longer

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