Kleenex® Comfort Care 3ply Toilet Paper

Kleenex® Comfort Care PlushPly ™ Toilet Paper is crafted with 3 cushiony layers to provide extra strength, whilst still feeling soft against your skin.


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Customer Reviews


July 06, 2023


Soft toilet paper

Any toilet paper from Kleenex is soft and this is no exception. I love the 3 ply abd each roll lasts for sometime. It is quite strong and won't rip.


May 26, 2023


Great Quality

Kleenex are the only brand toilet paper you need in your house. It is the best quality when it comes to thickness and softness, it is good value for money when buying their bulk range and you'll never want any other toilet paper once you've tried this. We've never experienced any rashes or reactions to this toilet paper from us, our children or guests. Highly recommend.


May 17, 2023


Sand paper

This is the roughest toilet paper on yhe planet! Seriously! It’s horrible!


February 22, 2023


Kleenex Toilet Plush Ply

Great and soft as Kleenex usually is. The 3 ply is always the most economical to buy. Good toilet paper but pricey.


February 07, 2023


Awesome product

I found this toilet paper really great! It is thick which is great as you don't have to use as much making it go further. It has a nixe soft delicate scent and does it's job effectively. Highly recommend!


December 06, 2022


Best money can buy

The roll's lush ply has a combination of comfort and strong durability. The ply was quite soft, gentle and very strong.


December 06, 2022


Soft but thin

The toilet paper was soft and smooth, however surprisingly thin for x3 ply, especially when compared to other known brands, and even Kleenex's other toilet paper lines.


December 05, 2022


This toilet paper is soft and thick

It’s soft, although not as soft as the name seems to portray. I’ve used softer ones also available from usual supermarkets. It’s thick and strong though which is important for number 2s. The roll is smaller than other rolls.

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