Kleenex® Flushable Wipes – Fragrance free

Often, dry toilet paper alone doesn't provide a good enough clean. That's where Kleenex® Flushable Wipes come in. These lightly moistened wipes are great for the whole family. Our flushable wipes are:
Fragrance Free
Dermatologically tested
Flush a maximum of two wipes at a time. Wipes only suitable for use in properly maintained sewerage systems and commercial septic systems. For more information on flushability, click here.


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Customer Reviews


January 18, 2024



August 07, 2023


Great personal hygiene wipes

Great to keep in the toilet or have on you when you are in public toilets. Especially for those times when there is bo toilet paper in cubicle. Great for travelling. I keep some in the car.


June 29, 2023


Wish I found this product sooner

I’ve never been a fan of toilet paper. The truth is, it really does not clean properly no matter how much anyone tries to convince you! Then I found the kleenex flushable wipes and let me tell you that I’ve never looked back since. Firstly, they are so gently! Using 2-3 wipes is more than enough AND you feel super clean after using them. I will never use toilet paper again!


May 03, 2023


Leaves you with 3’S

It’s soft, silky and smooth. Doesn’t have Rashes or marks and don’t need to use soo much tissue subs these does the job. 1-2 wipes and that’s it


April 19, 2023


Great value

These toilet wipes are great for toilet training kids when they do there business. Wipes are a great size but I found them a bit too soft, might rip when in use. Flushes down toilet well.

March 02, 2023


You need these

Everyone needs these in there bathroom my husband resides to use anything else I like them all but these unseated ones are the best by far.

March 02, 2023


Love these

I do love these there a must in my bathroom for adults aswell


February 22, 2023


Flushable wipes

Good to use this product, fresh and handy. Worries me about flushing wipes, but with these I have never had a problem. My kids love them and so do I, and would recommend this product if your into flushable wipes

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