Kleenex® Complete Clean Double Length

Kleenex® Complete Clean Toilet Tissue with unique CleanRipple® texture has a 3-in-1 combination of softness, strength & absorbency. Change the roll less often with twice as many sheets compared to our regular rolls.


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Customer Reviews


August 25, 2023


Soft and Gentle

This toilet paper is so soft and gentle for the whole family. Nicely padded as well compared to other brands. Would recommend to buy for the whole family


August 14, 2023


Longer rolls are great

Love the double length rolls. Won’t buy anything else.


July 11, 2023


Multipurpose Roll

I have been using kleenex for sometime in the kitchen area. I must say it has been great using this and I have replaced all the handtowel in kitchen with this as I read that towel needs to be washed every 2-3 days. So I switched to this. works good


June 27, 2023


Large roll could last a month

I am highly satisfied with the Kleenex Double Length Toilet Tissue. Its double length feature, combined with the softness, strength, and value for money, makes it an excellent choice for anyone seeking a reliable and long-lasting toilet tissue option.


June 25, 2023


Soft and comfortable

Soft and comfortable and lasts a long time. Love using this in our house


June 20, 2023


Love the idea

I love the idea of being able to get double length Kleenex Clean Ripple. I usually buy the 24pck of standard rolls, but I find getting 4 rolls of double length lasts a great amount of time too.


June 10, 2023


Best Toilet Paper

By far my favourite toilet paper. Soft, thick, very absorbent and the double length rolls are a nice touch to save having to change the roll so frequently. Highly recommend above other brands.


May 29, 2023


Same old toilet paper

This toilet paper is much the same as any other toilet paper in my opinion, does the job it needs to do. However I do find it slightly more expensive than some other options. However it does tend to go on special a lot which is great

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