Kleenex® Everyday Facial Tissues

Kleenex® Everyday Facial Tissues, for everyday laughs, tears, sniffles and family moments. Made in Australia, Kleenex® is FSC® certified, ensuring responsible forest management.


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For the whole family
Kleenex Everyday tissues, for everyday laughs, tears, sniffles and family moments.
2-Ply Thickness
Perfect for sniffles and sneezes, Kleenex Everyday tissues are made with 2-ply thickness.


FSC® Certified
FSC® Certified, ensuring responsible forest management, meeting the most rigorous environmental and social standard for responsible forest management.
Made in Australia
Kleenex Facial Tissues are Aussie made and we're proud of it; they're made at our Millicent Mill in South Australia. This means support for local communities, including hundreds of local employees and their families, each year.

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April 02, 2024



February 26, 2024



February 09, 2024



January 19, 2024


Large and Thick

I love these large and thick tissues. But But i have found they dont pull out of your original size slot. To solve this i now cut a 10mm half small circle and problem solved. The issue is using same hole as regular size tissues. Maybe an expert to have a look into this small hole.


December 09, 2023


Everyday facial tissue 200 pack

I have been buying the 200 box of facial tissues for as long as I can remember. For quite some time I have found their quality to be on a downward slide. The tissues come out of the box de-laminated, with rough edges and a lot of 'fluff'. They are no where near the quality they once were.


November 17, 2023


Tissues Kleenex everyday

I normally buy tissues in number of boxes. For the third week now any tissue box around the house is discusting. If anyone pull a tissue , the hall place is covered by pieces of crumpled tissue. Just imagine the dark lounge, carpet or clothes. I’m really disappointed. I’m not the only person who has the same problem. Please I need someone to contact me regarding that. It have taken photos if need it. Thank you.


August 08, 2023



Kleenex are my go to for Tissues, value for money, they don’t have as much dust particles as many other brands, they hold up well to the ol boogs haha I like them and recommend this brand.

May 24, 2023


So soft on my skin!

Felt so sensational. My husband agrees. Kind Regards Marian-lizzie Goodwin III

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